Bottom paint with biocide – MWA Marine +

MWA Marine+ is a combination between two unique products (a biological biocide and MWA’s epoxy-silicon) which when combined gives a unique product that’s one of a kind.

The biological biocide does not kill the barnacle, instead it repels the larva, preventing it from attaching to the treated surface. This makes MWA Marine+ more environmentally friendly compared to traditional anti-fouling paints that often contains metallic biocides, which when scraped off ends up in the ocean.

MWA's epoxy-silicon is water based and superhydrophobic which gives a number of advantages:

  • Easy to clean – It’s difficult for water living organisms to attach to the treated surface. The organisms that managed to attach anyway can easily be removed.
  • Lowers fuel- and operating costs – the superhydrophobic surface makes boats go smoother in the water due to reduced friction.
  • Easy to apply - Both professionals and private consumers can use the paint since it can be both sprayed and rolled on.
  • Excellent protection against corrosion – the epoxy-silicon is fully dense and water repellent which improves corrosion protection
Safety data sheet for MWA Marine+ component A
Safety data sheet for MWA Marine+ component B

Bottom paint without biocide – MWA Marine

Our bottom paint without biocide is intended for lake boats and boats in areas with high environmental standards. The paint withstands brush cleaning and makes it easy to keep the boat clean. The paint is available in two different formulations: 

MWA Marine is intended for skiffs, plastic boats and steel boats. The paint is superhydrophobic and extremely eazy to keep clean. MWA Marine will reduce the boat's fuel consumption, which means a cost savings for you as a boat owner.

MWA Marine Alu is intended for aluminum boats and gives the boat extremely low friction, which is suitable for anglers that takes their boats through shallow waters and reed. The coating protects the hull and lowers the friction, making it easier to pull up the boat on the shore. 


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